In the 43rd Senate District, REpublicans prioritize...

FAMILY: Republicans care. We care about the ELDERLY,  about FAMILIES, about our veterans. We care about a clean environment. We care about those who cannot help themselves. In some cases, the government is the best way to apply such care. In many cases, it’s not. We support candidates who can discern that crucial difference.

OpportunitY: Republicans believe in offering people the opportunity to follow their own path, form their own future, and be the best version of themselves they can be. We believe in helping people get back up from hard situations and give them the dignity to thrive. We support candidates who will fight for the opportunity of ALL Minnesotans to start a business, buy a home, start a family and pursue their individual dreams.

freedom: Republicans believe in Freedom. Freedom in healthcare, religion, the temperature of our home, what foods to eat and the right of parents to choose the best education for their children. Because we firmly believe in the right of all individuals to live their lives, we believe in protecting LIFE from CONCEPTION to natural death. Republicans are the
party of choices and we stand ready to protect yours.

FUTURE: republicans believe we can create a better future by enabling people to chart their own path. We all want our children to inherit a better place.  Our constitution guarantees our rights, places limits on government, and endoreses a free market economy.



We believe economic prosperity is driven by individuals. We support lowering the tax burden, exercising spending restraint, and creating and maintaining a fair and competitive business environment – so everyone can prosper.

Health Care

We support your ability to choose your doctor, your plan, and your price. Through that choice, we can make health care more affordable, higher quality and available to the most vulnerable, while protecting individual privacy.


We care for the environment and work towards achieving sustainability through proper stewardship of our natural resources, so that we all may experience the beautiful Minnesota wilderness in both CD5 and outside of it.


We believe that parents must have choices for their children’s education. The goal we share is to provide the best education possible to allow ALL children to meet their potential. By offering and supporting choices in education, families are able to meet their individual needs.


Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. Children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. We support the uplifting and strengthening of fathers, mothers, and families – of all shapes and sizes.


We believe that the most fundamental function of government is to keep citizens and our property secure. We support our military, police, firemen, and first responders. We will work to ensure they’re protected and taken care of for their sacrifice.

43rd senate District Republicans

As an organization, SD43 Republicans work to: Further the principles of the Republican Party within the Third and fifth Congressional Districts. Manage the affairs of the Party within the District. Expand membership and participation within the Party. Elect Republicans to federal, state and local office.

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Minnesota’s 43rd Senate District encompasses the mostly residential, commercial and light-industrial areas to the west and northwest of Minneapolis. This includes the cities of Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, New Hope, Crystal, and extreme southeast Plymouth.  Our Republican Party organization strives to build a coalition of support among all conservatives, and support the Republican candidates who will best represent our residents in federal, state and local office.